Sixty-third Issue of Tawasol Magazine

CMC published a new issue of Tawasol Magazine No. (63) in which several CMC news of the second quarter of 2018 were displayed, including: (Iraq confirms that Arab Media is one of the most important element of stability and supremacy, as presented in session 49 of Arab Media Ministers Council). (Active participation in the meeting of permanent panel experts team in charged for following up the role of media against terrorism), (Arab Media Committee adopted the code of Media Ethics provided by Iraq, in which CMC has left a new impact on Media attitude). In addition to that, CMC has covered the central ceremonies of ministries and establishments related to celebrate: crowning Baghdad as the capital of Arab Media. The magazine contained CMC important statement regarding communications, technologies, space and other sub-issues contributed by elite of academies, researchers, writes and translator through studies and articles to sustain cognitive communications.

Some of the magazine tittles
• Modern technologies to avoid and reduce interferences in Wireless Communications system.
• ITU launches early alarm for flood.
• The danger of false news on individual and community.
• The new media between technology revolution and the conceptual coup against media axioms.
• Interactive contact and marketing of social awareness of water hazards that are facing Iraq.
• News industry and mutual impacts of media techniques.
• Knowledge community and how to be established in developing countries.
• Spying software threatens Smartphone uses.
• Apple treats security vulnerability in I phone.
• Youtube challenges global broadcasting platforms.
• A computer program predicts the future.
• Stephen Hawking.. Extraordinary volition.
• Living away from Earth plant.
• Across info-graph: Coverage of Iraq Parliamentary elections of 2018.
CMC – Tawasol magazine receives relevant studies and researches on electronic account:

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