Asia Cell Company announced launching of 4G experimental operation services. Accordingly, CMC technical teams started their field monitoring tours. As a result of these field tours the teams proved that such action has violated the spectrum rights, for the company did not obtain necessary fundamental approvals. That action was against the judicial authorities and CMC Commissioners Council decisions.
According to the powers granted to Communications and Media Commission under the in force of Legislative Order No. 65 in 2004, and as to CMC Commissioners Council decision No. 34 dated 28th January 2021, and because Asia Cell Company did not fulfill its obligations stipulated in the abovementioned decisions, which prevented the possibility of signing the renewal appendix contract with it, to carry on experimental operation of 4G service. Part of CMC duties and authorities is to regulate the telecommunications sector, protecting the rights of subscribers, to ensure that customers would have advanced and high quality services with reasonable prices, and to keep these companies working pursuant to the legal frameworks of the state to ensure protection of public fund and consumers, in view of Asia cell failure to comply with the judgment of the Court of Appeal and the decisions of CMC Commissioners Council and insisting to continue violations
CMC is keen to protect the customers’ rights who are using telecommunications networks including Asia Cell’s customers, in order to ensure that they wouldn’t be affected by any procedures taken against company violations.

Communications and Media Commission
Baghdad 28th January 2021

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