Statement of World Experience in Market Liberalization Policy and creating competition principles to improve its revenues – Most prominent outputs of reforming telecommunications sector Workshop in Iraq

In collaboration with the International Bank, CMC held a workshop in Beirut on 1st – 2nd March 2016 to set out a future vision for Communications’ prospects in Iraq. The workshop witnessed wide participation of Iraqi Parliament members and representatives of services and Reconstruction committees, Legal committee, Media and Culture Committee and Executive authority represented by Prime Minister Consultant for Economical Affairs has attended the workshop too. The Workshop was supported by effective contribution from various international and local experts in the field of communications. CMC requested them to present experiences of the advanced countries in communications sector and to participate in creating a future vision for communications prospects in Iraq. And to expand drafting of legislation and laws to support the development of such vital sector, and improving the technical and security environment, and participating to set out the visions that contribute in developing one of the most prominent sectors to consolidate the national income of countries around the world.

During two consecutive days by morning and evening sessions participants viewed presentations of experiences of developed countries in the field of global communications. The Indian experience was the most prominent one that adopted the policy of liberalization of international communications sector and long- distance reviewed by the International consultant: Sunil Moon Senegal. After that, Mr. Carlo Rosuthu; first officer in-charge for Communications sector and information technology at the World Bank has made a detailed presentation about the role of partnership between the public and private sectors in developing a fair competition. He also reviewed the world development report for the year 2016 and the impact of digital revenues that affect the growth of national incomes of countries.

The participants have also discussed the new trends in telecommunications industry and the new plans for operators provided by the regional director: Nazim Fregat
Contribution of the international expert: Mr. Hans Barker had an effective influence in the workshop, He reviewed through a keen report the European experience in liberalization policy and the regulatory frame work that support the telecommunications sector in the world.

On the second day, the active participation of World Bank’s experts effectively enriched the Workshop by reviewing several active visions for improving the telecommunications sector in the world. Mr. Rajenda Singh: First regulation specialist in the World Bank talked about the general principles of telecommunications sector, and about the policy of liberalization of optical fiber and the gates of International access that were provided by the expert: Salah Al-Deen Ma’arif.
The workshop’s sponsor: Communications & Media Commission (CMC) finally displayed the safest road map for the development of telecommunications in Iraq based on the experiences of developed countries in this regard to be in line with the need of the Iraqi market, which CMC is working on its challenges to meet the growing expansion and improving the technical,l economical and security output requirements.
Views of Parliament members and various contributions have a clear effect to identity the necessity in drawing such a vision, and to develop its future horizons that require united efforts of various legislative, executive and regulatory authorities to participate in drawing its features in order to push the growth and development of telecommunications sector, and to win its outputs that contributes in improving knowledge, technological and economical aspect in Iraq.

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