The Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Council holds its first meeting at CMC Headquarter

CMC held the first session of the Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Council about cultural, mutual media and religious affairs issues .
The meeting in camera (closed TV channel) was held in CMC headquarter. The Iraqi party was represented by:
Chairman: the Iraqi Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities; (Dr. Hassan Nazim).

  • CMC Chief Executive Officer: (Dr. Ali Nasser Al-Khawlidi)
  • Chief of Iraqi Media Network; (Dr. Nabil Jassim).
  • Chief of Hajj and Umrah Commission; (Sheikh Sami Al-Massoudi).
  • Chief of the Tourism commission; (Mr. Zafer Mehdi Abdullah).

CMC Board of Commissioners members:

  • Mr. Mujahid Abu Al-Hail
  • M.r Adel Salman.
  • Mrs. Ava Faeeq.
  • Representatives of Sunni and Shiite Endowment.

The Saudi party was represented by:

  • Media Minister; (Mr. Majid Al-Kasabi).
  • Deputy of Media Ministry; (Mr. Khaled al-Ghamdi).
  • Several officials representing Ministries of Culture.
  • Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and Ministry of Tourism.

During the meeting, several memorandums of understanding were discussed to be signed to complete the memorandum of understanding that has been already signed by both ministries of culture in the two countries in 2019.
Signing of understanding memorandum between CMC and Saudi Media Ministry was discussed to exchange experiences and cooperation technique for organizing the informational discourse.
The meeting discussed several issues such as: signing memorandums of understanding between Iraqi Media Network, Iraqi TV & Broadcasting Commission and Saudi Press Agency (WAS), besides the request some facilities for the Commission of Hajj and Umrah, plus increasing the number of pilgrims, and the cooperation methods between the Iraqi Tourism Commission and Saudi Arabia, and the methods of sending delegations for religious visits.
The Saudi party expressed its interest and readiness for signing understanding memorandums after clarifying the terms of memorandums, especially the terms that related to media issues between the two parties, and what related to media regulation and effective cooperation in media aspects, and increasing pilgrims number also.
It is anticipated that the council will hold further preliminary sessions before the next meeting of signing memorandum which was scheduled in three months, specifically in early February in 2021.
After the meeting, the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities and the Chief of Iraqi Media Network reviewed CMC activities and CMC technique to regulate the functioning of media and communications sectors.

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