To face Fidia Virus Attack CMC carries on holding Educational Workshops And forms a technical team to follow up Fidia Virus

CMC carried on holding educational workshop for its employees on 14th and 15th \may 2017 warning them about the dangerous electronic attack of “Ransomware” virus which was called “Fidia”. Illustrative posters were arranged to be distributed among Government institutes in this regard.

Workshops focused on warning employees to be aware of incorrect use for electronic data that might have such virus. A team of IT specialists and technicians was formed to follow up that issue and providing tips and instructions to the offices that might exposed to Fidia virus penetration.

It is mentioned that since Saturday 13th April 2017 thousands of devices such as computers, smart phones and others in hundred countries have been attacked electronic virus “Ransomware” that was technically called “WannaCry”. It is one of the malicious software spreads across files protocol fixed in computers of many institutes around the world. Such software that have electronic messages attached were able to access to the computers and smart phones then work on encoding users data and blocking them that could not be reached anymore, then demanding financial amounts as ransom to unblock data.

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