Training program for Media Students launched by cooperation of CMC, Media College- Baghdad University, and Al-Jazeera Institute

Al-jazeera Institute initiative launched in Media College – Baghdad University by cooperation with CMC, Media College and Al-jazeera Media Institute for training and improving media students abilities through a bunch of specialized courses lectured by Al-Jazeera Media Net professors for five consecutive days. The training program included three major axes. The first one was about: “Arrangements of TV report”. Its first lesson was about the basics of Media Work, ethics of profession, features of TV journalism and media processing templates.

While the second axis, was about production of documentary films. The lecture contained the basis and history of documentary films and the media tools that have been used in the first documentary film, in addition to Al-Jazeera experiment in the industry of documentary films by which it became a pioneer in that field.

The third axis contained broadcasting technique of social media, and what users need to know the contents required of daily privacy secret, in addition to find the content that would help in building character and effective attendance on social media net.

At the very beginning, the three courses were warmly welcomed by the students who confirmed their needs for more similar courses in that respect during their academic study and to activate the application side, especially what concern media work.    

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