Under the care of the First Deputy Parliament Chairman.. CMC holds a workshop to discuss the draft of Cybercrimes law.

CMC held an expanded workshop to discuss Cybercrimes law in a large parliamentary presence. The workshop was attended by many international experts, civil society organizations and specialists in    communications and information technology fields. The workshop, which was held under the care of Mr. Hasan Al-Kaabi – First Deputy Parliament Chairman and parliamentary committees involved in this matter. Other attendees such as: Culture, Media, Tourism and Antiquities Committees, Security and Defense Committee, Services and Construction Committee, Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, Parliamentary Legal Committee in addition to several parliament members from various committees have attended the workshop, besides contribution of State Ministries , Higher Judicial Council, State Council , Advisors Commission, Journalists Syndicate, UNESCO and Civil Society Organizations specialized in legislation and information technology and communications.

The workshop was opened by Dr: Ali Nasser Al-Khuwaildi – CMC Chief Executive Officer. He welcomed attendees and demonstrated CMC objectives and the purpose of holding such workshop, for CMC is keen to ensure the need of keeping up with legislated laws for the work reality, technological developments and to maintain country security and protecting citizen’s safety. CMC believes that getting benefit of international experiences would save a lot of efforts and time.

First Deputy Parliament Chairman, who chaired the session confirmed that former legal versions didn’t show the development occurred in information technology and communications fields in detail, which is an essential matter nowadays, that would affect citizens’ security and the community in general. He added that Parliament Chairmanship is following up cyber information issues with the security forces. Many    meetings and fruitful interviews were held in this respect.

Dr. Ali Nasser Al-Khuwailidi _ CMC Chief executive Officer said that a   suitable environment should be available for legislation of IT cybercrimes law by eliminating manipulations that may occur during law enforcement across unlicensed and illegal programs. He stressed that legislator should take in his consideration all developments arises in communications and information technology.

Dr: Hisham AL-Tahahat: International Expert presented about IT cybercrimes law and the mechanisms of following up violations that may threaten community peace and state’s security through using the modern means of Internet. During the demonstrations he emphasized the importance of following up ICT development and taking them in consideration across legislative items in the parliament. He stressed during the presentation the importance of following up data protection generally, and personal data to provide a proper atmosphere to eliminate challenges  that may face the legislation of this law.

Attendees presented their suggestions about the law draft project. Every party presented its observations as to its specialty, later, a discussion took place among Parliament Members, Government Commissions, Judicial Council, State Council,  Journalists Syndicate, civil community organizations and UNESCO. Each party expressed its opinion about the law that may require as to their interventions for amendments and technical follow-ups that may minimize cybercrimes.

At the end of the workshop, CMC was asked to collect proposals and opinions to be given to the government and relevant parliamentary committees in order to implement the law that would be in line with the technological and legal Legislation to protect state security and sovereignty  and protecting the rights of Iraqi citizens.

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