Under the slogan (Media against Terrorism) Celebration of Arab Media Day “Radio Media” launched in Baghdad

Celebrating the second session of “Arab Media Day” activities that started on 2nd May 2017 attended by Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Ebady at Al-Rasheed Hotel in Baghdad.

The celebration activities began. Mr. Mahdi Al-Alaq the PM representative, Mr. Fawzi Mohammed Al-Aghwel representing Arab League general secretary in Iraq, CMC representative, Cultural and Media Parliamentary Committee, Iraqi Journalists Syndicate President, Iraqi TV & Radio Federation representative, and several ambassadors, diplomatic commissions, and large number of reporters and journalists.


Mr. Mahdi Al- Alaq – the general secretary of the cabinet, confirmed in his speech that Iraq who is facing the wildest terrorism forces striving forward to save the world from such an evil of those villains. Therefore Iraq has got international support. Today Iraq is fighting in several fronts, part of this war is media which    is not less important than military confrontation against criminal entities that have various mass media and social communication sites which have been badly exploited through promotion of fabricated tapes to mislead the public opinion of its alleged victories in order to get support and to stand by its side, and to enroll in its troops..


Al-Alaq referred that Iraqi media through different means of media was able to challenge and defeat those allegation, as well as closing many websites that have been arranged by terrorist organizations.

The general secretary of the cabinet clarified that celebration of the Arab Media Day that has been allocated for broadcasting media was implemented to reward journalists, broadcasters and broadcasting stations who have contributed in fighting terorism. Several institutes participated to ensure success for this event such as: CMC, Iraqi Media Network, Journalists Syndicate, Arab Broadcasting Federation, Ministry of Culture, and civil society organizations

  • Jasim Al-Lamy- member of CMC Board of Commissioners , delivered a speech as below:

 In the name of God, Dear Sirs,

His Excellency PM Representative,

His Excellency General Secretary of the Cabinet,

Ladies and gentleman members of the Parliament,

Dears Attendees,

No doubt, media is forming the fundamental axis of supporting people’s progress around the world and their expectations, precisely in Arab nation. Media is firmly linked with states stability and progress, through promoting political, economical and security environments.

Our celebrating of Arab media day coincides with the sixth anniversary of Global Radio Day. We are celebrating such event this year as a leading and influential media approach in its launching through the air to reach what we have today: a rapid and wide progress in information transferring technique.


While we are ascribing this occasion, we have to refer to the leading role of Iraq in founding Broadcasting Media. The history reminds us of the twenties of previous century, when inserting the first limited broadcasting practices, then establishing the Radio of Iraq during the royal era. These practices were gradually expanded till today. Now, Iraq embraces the largest number of broadcasting stations among other countries of the region.

Dear Sirs,

The development of media technique accompanies the increasing impact on societies and countries to the point that almost becomes the first authority and not the fourth as it was called along previous decades. Media is a double-edged sword that could be used as tool to spread awareness, fighting terrorism and ignorance, building society and nations, on the same time Media could be used as a dangerous weapon of vandalism and destruction. We have several events happened during the past years in Arab nation, when media was used in subversion, killing, segmentation, and ruining human manners, attitudes and pushing nations to scatterings, whether by dictator governments or terrorist organizations administered by states’ polices inside the region or outside.

Destructive wars, sectarian divisions, religious and nationality problems that occurred in several Arab countries were results of many factors, which media comes first driven by various agendum owners which their aims were to destroy peoples and states of the entire region, funded by the wealth of the same region countries. On other hand some other media seeks to counteract sabotage and create public awareness helping people to be able to fight and destroy terrorist’s   attempts.

The Iraqi scene witnessed a major media outburst after the collapse of the previous dictatorial regime in April 2003, after several decades of suppression and freedom chocking and preventing any voice other than the voice of the brutal authority.

We are here in CMC, depending upon the commission valid law. In CMC we are doing our best to support a free and independent media in Iraq reflecting political and social diversity, to create a media that build and spread awareness and not ignorance in order to build the new Iraqis full of confidence and able to build his country.


We are aware that any country cannot be built without rebuilding its society that faced great sabotage, wars, and sanction during the last decades of the previous regime. Iraq also faced the conspiracy of division and sectarian deepening division since 2003 and thereafter. We launch our work following professional media rules that guarantees freedom of opinion and transfer of information, at the same time protecting citizen and society from threatens. Those rules were driven from the Global Statement of Human Rights, and from the codes of conduct adopted by the international forums.

At the end, we would like congratulating today the Arab and Iraqi journalists.     We appreciate all efforts done by the public and private means of media to boost and promote progress of our country, and support our army, security forces and the Hashed Al-Sha’abi, by Fighting honorably to expel terrorist organizations from our homeland. We wish them more success to strengthen our national media identity. May God bless them.

  • The Arab league has participated in a speech delivered by representative of Arab league in Iraq Mr. Fawzi Mohamed Al-Eghwel, congratulating Iraq for its adoption the initiative of celebrating the “Arab media day”, confirming that Iraq is the first country to have such initiative.

Al-Eghwel confirmed that Arab League is seeking to create purposeful media that cares about values and the other opinions without prejudice, and promoting cultural coexistence. From this point the Arab League worked to allocate a day for the Arab Media.

The parliament culture and media committee demands to provide suitable environment conveying the media message far away from threatens. The member of committee – Hider Al-Mola said that his committee requesting the Prime Minister Haider Al- Ebady – Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces to form a mutual high level committee to follow up the breaches and threatens which journalists are facing..

  • Ali–Alshelah – chairman of Iraqi media network, said that after 2003 Iraqi media has achieved a unique model among the region countries. He praised Mosel Radio Station cadre for their effective role in running the radio station and rebroadcasting programs and contribute in guiding Mosel’s citizens.

Other speeches followed, by Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, and the chairman of Iraqi TV & Radio Federation stressed on the unity of media efforts to terminate of ISIS philosophy, pointing out that the security activities are not enough by itself to overcome extremist and criminal thoughts that were planted by ISIS in the minds of some seduced people.

  Several independent radio stations and broadcaster were honored for their efforts in establishing foundations of Iraqi media, which was first launched in 1936 In addition to their sacrifices and contribution in fighting terrorism.

At the end, an operetta was presented by the Iraqi National Band glorifying the heroines of security forces in crushing terrorism. The life in Mosul has diverse nature socially, religiously, so it is necessary to restoring life to this city and other cities that suffered the scourge of crime.

The first session was held on 21/4/2016 Arab countries are celebrating the “Arab Media Day” every year after Arab Ministers of Information Council’s adoption in its forty-sixth session to declare celebration of that event and arranging certain activities that match the role of media in current sensitive stage which the region is facing, represented by terrorism threat, and the effective role of Arab Media needed in such challenge.

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