Within Du3M initiative activities…CMC holds IOT workshop in Basra

Within Du3m initiative activities and as introduction framework for Internet of things (IOT) Competition, CMC Southern Region Office held a technical workshop at Southern Technical University.

The workshop attended by Prof. Muzafar Sadeq Al-Zuhairi – University’s rector, his assistants, professors and dozens of interested students, university’s rector opened his speech in saying that Southern Technical University,  by sponsoring like this activities, confirms to its students and members that it is part of an integrated scientific system that seeks to achieve it through its cultural programs and in all levels, Pointing that there is a new scientific revolution, including what is called today (Internet Of Things IOT),   information technology sector development, building students and society with technological conscious thought also using science as a means of development and creativity through with best use of this technology.

Later, Southern Technical University Rector praised employees in charge of such activity, and described the workshop as distinguishable, wishing success for Du3m 2025 initiative.

In return, Dr.Hisham Latif – professor in Engineering College – Basrah University lectured about Internet of Things explained the concept of this scientific term and how to link things using global communication means and the mechanism of linking smart applications and mobile phones to be used in a way that allows connection between machines without human intervention.

The workshop attended by University Rector Assistant for administrative affairs as well as heads of departments. The workshop concluded with discussions on project and concept of (IOT) in scientific discussions aimed to developing the concept of Du3M and Internet of Things and activating youth capacities in this regard.

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