Within Du3M strategic initiative CMC held a workshop of “clarifying the importance of IPV6, and how does the internet work?’’ with cooperation of RIPE International organization.

Within Du3M2025 initiative CMC in cooperation with RIPE International Organization (RIPE NCC) held a workshop allocated for students, professors and academics about communications field and various aspects of computer technology.

 The session that was held on the stage of the College of Media/ University of Baghdad included brief definition of protocols, policies and Internet functioning, besides, clarifying to the participants about Du3M Initiative launched by the CMC, plus the initiative of RIPE NCC academic for students’ rehabilitation by the Academic Program (RACI).

The seminar was attended by Dr.Alaa Karim Mohammed- Dean of engineering college faculty, Baghdad University representative, Dean of Information college faculty: Dr. Hashim Hassan Al Tamimi, telecommunications regulatory office manager: Mr. Adel Salman, Mr. Shafiq Shea, Mr. Hisham Ibrahim from RIPE NCC, and global organization.

Telecommunications regulatory office manager: engineer- Mr. Adel Salman, clarified in his speech that CMC is working to achieve the Goals requested of DU3M 2025 strategic initiative projects aiming to develop sectors of health, education, agriculture, banking and trade across   launching the electronic services, as well as enhancing communications and information technology skills for staff teams and human resources to In addition to create development opportunities to encourage the capabilities of Iraqi young people in the field of informatics and communications and enabling them to implement small projects of their own by which they can achieve their goals and increase their chances’ achievement and productivity, as well as empowering, facilitating and promoting global access easily to the electronic contacts, information technology and communications using them in all regions and for all citizens.

In return, the regional director of RIPE organization in Middle East: Mr. Shafiq Chia said that the organization members should be backed up    to provide technically better Internet, and to acquaint participants how to use the Internet and how to review researches done for serving the country, along with all programs of ‘Face book, Google, youtube and Instagram”.

 Mr. Chia confirmed that in every meeting the Organization should its offers to the students to attend its meetings and sessions to learn about the internet. He added, that the Organization was trying to submit required support to get out from the national domain to the global one.

There are five organizations for distributing internet to Iraq, Europe and   76 countries. In order to more development of Internet, “University of Baghdad welcomed the initiative,” said Karim Mr. Mohammed, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering College and representative of University of Baghdad, considering it as an individual initiative to improve and encourage students for innovation.

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