Within Initiative of Du3m 2025…CMC Hold Definition Workshop For “Internet Of Things” Competition, In Cooperation With Zain And Ericsson Companies

Cooperation With Zain And Ericsson Companies 

Within DU3M 2025 CMC strategic initiative in cooperation with the cooperation of Zain- Iraq and Ericsson companies, launched   “Internet of Things competition” for distinguished students of Iraqi universities about specializations of communications and information technology.

The first workshop was held at University of Technology, and the two other workshops held at Nahrain and Baghdad Universities. The workshops included demonstrations by CMC about DU3M 2025 initiative and “Internet of thing” importance in daily life and CMC future vision of  developing such projects under this heading.

Zain- Iraq Co. also presented its future vision about “Internet of things” IOT and the importance of ideas that can be submitted in this competition and became projects ready for application and support. The company pointed out that there were a lot of jobs can be achieved through “Internet of Things’ projects.

Ericsson Co. presented detailed demonstration about strategic vision of   “Internet of Things and its necessity in daily life. It could be effective and linked with health, education, security and many other aspects. IOT   is also important to increase human capabilities and reducing the costs of many daily processes and even projects. The company made a presentation about the mechanism of submission and participating in   competition.

During the workshop definitions were presented to the competition participants students and competition’s phases also, that included   registration titles of proposed projects by students, later on a specialized committee should be formed by CMC, Zain- Iraq Co, Ericsson Co and Ministry of Higher Education. This committee shall sort and select the winning projects. Ericsson Co. undertakes training them in its international academy In Sweden, and then students have to work inside Zain- Iraq headquarters to learn about work techniques in   management of the telecommunications sector.

Workshops witnessed attendance of large number of students who were interested in “Internet of Things”, communications and informatics projects.

Wishing students were registered to participate in the competition during the three workshops held at the University of Technology, Nahrain University and Baghdad University within two consecutive days and with large participation of Iraqi universities students.

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