Within Strategic Initiative DU3M 2025 Projects.. CMC Starts Interviewing Disabled Applicants to Participate in ICT Skills Development Courses

CMC started interviewing disabled applicants to participate in (ICT) Technology skills development courses which were launched by DU3M 2025 strategic initiative projects to develop them and make them more capable to work in government commissions and in private sector.

Concerned Committees received applicants at DU3M Center of training and developing disabled people on the ground of Baghdad International Fair. Applicants’ data were registered and determined their abilities in order to distribute them among the courses arranged by the CMC according to ITU comprehensive programs provided in the fields of communications, information technology, designs and computer skills given by well trained advanced experts.

The concerned committee of disabled people in the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs interviewed the applicants to determine their disability and to be registered in the file of each individual to be counted and specify the final results, and to enroll in Specific courses.

Interviews will continue on the electronic form that was sent to citizens on mobile phones for a period of three days from 8:00 am till the end of official time, in DU3M Center for development and rehabilitation of disabled citizens at Baghdad International Fair.

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